Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick Studies

Today I had my quick studies class, so I picked up last weeks paintings. We did four portrait studies last week and to your left I posted what I thought was my best one. Having done clothed figure, still life, landscape and portrait, I think I am best at portrait quick studies right now. Though I did a landscape that I thought worked out OK. More on that later.
This was a forty five minute study. It is the best likeness of the day. Still, he is a little crooked. Notice how the nose and chin point off to another direction.
I think that I am starting to understand the point of these exercises.
At the beginning of the semester the instructor did tell us why, and I was paying attention. What he said was, of course, to learn painting efficiency. Made sense to me at the time as its an easy concept to understand. Now, I am beginning actually grasp what he meant by efficiency. I knew he never meant to teach us how to speed up the painting process. Rather, it was about unlearning some bad habits, and learning new ones, with in the context of placing limits on oneself. In this case time limits. Again, all makes sense when it is explained to you.
As with everything I am learning at this school, what I am learning here is not something that can be easily explained or transmitted verbally. It is something that has to be practiced and explored, much of it can't really be expressed verbally. Some of it can be demonstrated. All of it has to be practiced.
I am not sure how to explain what I am learning. The best I can say is that I feel I have better feel of the paint and the brush. I feel like I respond to the medium better.
Also, I consider how I am going to lay the paint down more. Not that I was not doing that before. I just do it differently now that I have a limited window of time to work. That means I have to figure out the best way to get what I want down with out having fuss with it much to repeat any actions. Simply, what is it that is necessary to paint and what is the best way to get it on the canvas.
Like I said above, its a fun class.

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Pictures of Stuff I Have Been Working On.

Today I thought I'd post a few things I have been working over the last couple of weeks.

The 1st image is a study I did today, just for fun. I was tired of working on my situation homework and was about to start my quick studies homework. Being tired of homework, I thought I'd just go to the workshop and paint a figure. This is a two hour study in which I was focusing much of my attention on color. I have been playing around with my color palette to see what works best for me. This stems from my problem of being all over the place when it comes to this. I was working in a very limited pa latte.

This is the homework project I was working on today. I keep changing my mind on what I am doing and keep repainting spots. Its driving me nuts, I think I need to look at why I choose this subject to paint in the first place. I think I am getting to far away from that. So, before I work on it any more, I am going to re-establish some goals for this painting.

I noticed I had got into a habit of mindlessly painting on this the other day and had painted some very boring walls. They were just flat fields of color. I began looking at some books of the old artists and I think I have found a way to work it out. It just needs variety of color in the walls. As someone used to make a student say in one of my classes "variety is the spice of life"

To your left is a painting I did in situation and environment last week. I am happy with this painting. There are a couple of reason why. First is, as I mentioned above, I am experimenting with my color choices. In this class we were working with an extremely limited palette. I feel I was successful with my values and my color. Another reason is I just liked the costume the model was wearing, lots of fun. The are some drawing problems in it, but I am not too worried about them. This was a one day project.

A little now as to why I have been experimenting with my palette. Up until this semester I had been allowed free range on what paints I painted with. This semester, two of my classes have strongly encouraged particular colors, and one is requiring certain projects done in a limited palette. I had been using the tertiary system I learned in color theory and landscape and struggled with it all last semester. That is the genisisof my search for a new color palette.

This last one was a just for fun one too. I get tired of painting assignments and sometimes I just need to paint what I want. This is a little portrait of my sister. This is my second I have done of her. Her expression is great, so you probably see more of these. It's not done, I spent about two hours on it Friday. Again I was just experimenting with my color palette.

That's it for today,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I have Switched Blog Sites

I have decided to move my blog over to here. I did this for a couple of reasons. One was for ease of use. The blog I was using was not as easy to post messages as I had hoped. I also like the layout of this one, it is much friendlier then the old one.