Saturday, August 23, 2008

New website version

After many hours of work, lots of questions, many mistakes, many a puzzled moment, and late nights I now have my new version of my website up and running!

I am excited about it. I was fairly tired of the format I had for a few reasons. First it was a quickly done just to get a site up, so it didn't have all the things I wanted. I wanted something that looked more professional and to look less novice. I just just bored of what I had. I saw new software I wanted to add to my site. Finally, I have more artwork to add to my site. So I went to work on building a new site.

It was a much larger project then I expected. It took awhile, and I am very appreciative of my very patent girlfriend, of whom I asked a million questions in the process of all this.

Do check it out. It has some new paintings.


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