Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Painting and website changes

Today I added color back into my paintings. After a long break from painting in color it was nice to use it. I will continue to use a grisaille in my work now as it helps me solve some of the problems I have been dealing with, but color is fun. I was planning to upload some pictures of what I worked on, but I forgot to bring my camera home. Oops, I'll have them for you sometime this week.

Now that there is a break between semesters it is time to catch up on some of the things I have been neglecting. So I am updating my website. In an effort to continue to make it more professional there are going to be a few changes to the layout and content. It is very difficult because I am not a web building person. Hopefully it will be done in the next couple of weeks.



grandma B said...

I love your updated web site. It is terrific. Mom

grandma B said...
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