Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Update

The break between semesters has been a busy one. I haven't had time to do everything I wanted but I did get a lot done. Sorry to all those I promised to visit but never actually made it out to see during the break. I really did want to see you all.

During the break I helped finish up the mural at The National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi. I am excited to see it when the rest of the place is done! This was definitely a once in a life time experience. How many other artist can say they have done what I have done here. If you go to the website the mural is not shown, what you see there is the mural for the replica porziuncola. The mural I worked on is on the wall facing it.

I also revamped my website. Something that took a very long time and and gave me a few headaches. I learned how to do so much in the process and am feeling high tech right now. It is the best version of my website I have come up with yet.

I took a little break and went down to LA for a couple of days, we did stop at the Getty and the Moca, while we were there. I enjoyed the Getty (as always) , the Moca wasn't very interesting.

I have found time to paint too. Imagine that! Mostly I worked on my master copy painting. No image of that yet. I was stuck for awhile but after some help from an instructor I think I am heading in the right direction on it now.

The stuff I am posting is studies practicing some ideas I was working on before I approached the copy again. I am working on unifying the whole form. A mistake I have been making is focusing on the detail too early and I make a mess of the painting.

So what you see today is paintings practicing some new techniques and ideas.

The exercise in the first two shown was to practice controlling the paint. It sounds silly, I know but I was watching my instructor demonstrate how modeling the from and I watched how he was applying and moving the paint around. I thought I would try doing it that way. So I pull these two unfinished paintings out and started reworking them. They are very unfinished, but I do like the results. I'll mention it here, more on it below. The color is weird because I was trying something new. It is working but I need to refine my approach.

This one is a painting that I started because I wanted to work in color for the day. I have been working in basically a monochromatic palette. What I have been doing is mixing up nine different values and laying it out on my palette to make it easier when I am painting to get the values on my painting right. This is a method I learned in my head drawing class. I like it as it works for me. So I thought I'd try to incorporate it as a method when I am painting with a color palette. I basically laid out my values then my colors, mixed up a couple more, then got to work painting. I kept with a fairly limited palette so that I don't over complicate it. Looks a little weird but I like this way of doing it.

This next one is just an example of the grissaille painting I have been doing for the master copy. I did this as a practice after that demo I mentioned earlier. I also did this because I have this egbert brush that I wanted to try out. A few instructors use them so I thought I'd give it a try.


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My Full Hands said...

I just checked out your re-vamped website. It's great, very classy.

The mural sounds like a really cool project, I hope you will be able to post a picture of it.