Sunday, August 10, 2008

This weekend wasn't a painting weekend. Instead I thought I would build a pallet box for transporting around easier. I thought it would be an easy thing and only take a couple of hours to do. It did not. After designing it, Shannon and I set out to build it.

Being the first one we ever built we had to make decisions as they came up. We decided on a masonite base with 1/4 poplar sides that had a groove cut into it to slide a lid in. That grove was the part that held us up. Since we don't have a router we had it improvise. I contemplated buying one, instead we used a dremel tool with a makeshift guide. It seems to have worked out ok, but I don't recommend it. The next one we build I think we we do at the scuplure building or at my parents place. The right tools make things so much easier.

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grandma B said...

Our garage is your garage. Welcome to come build anytime. Mom