Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Expressive Painting

I did two paintings yesterday. The first painting shown is the one I did in my expressive painting class. As we are still doing warm up paintings before we begin any assigned projects I am allowed to experiment and play with the painting.

Many of the students in this class are abstract painters and it reminded me of when I was an undergrad, painting abstract compositions. Though for a long time I haven't had the interest to do that type of work, I have been reminded of how much I used to enjoy doing them. Because of this I want to try my hand at it again. I have decided to do an abstract painting in this class. It has been a while and my process of thinking about and making paintings has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, so I think it will be difficult. The class is a figurative class of sorts, but I am aiming to create a non figurative, completely abstract composition based off of the figure.

This was my first attempt, and as you can see there still is a figure. As I painted, I had a difficult time breaking away from the figure. In the back of my mind I kept saying to myself, "model the form! model the form!" I was stuck in a very technical mindset, that I could escape. So, there it is. I will have to do some work to accomplish that abstract painting.

The second painting is a study I did in the workshop right after class. For this study I thought I would tighten it up a little. The area I focused on was controlling my color while keeping my values right. I do try to keep everything in mind; proportion, value, anatomy, etc, but in a three hour study I can only do so much. So I set up little goals or areas of focus. Certain things worked, but as you can see I totally ruined the head. This stems from a drawing issue. I had made it too narrow and in my attempt to fix it I muddied the whole thing up.


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