Friday, September 26, 2008

In class and Homework

In Figure Studio, the back was the topic of the day. As drawings of the back go this one is better then what I have attempted to do before. I am usually pretty lost when it comes to drawing the back, but today it made more sense following what I learned in class that day.
Like my other life drawings in this class, this one is unfinished. Still, I am learning to draw and that is really what counts.
This next one is the homework assignment for figure studio. As you can tell, its another master copy. I had a week to work on it, so I had to make some decisions of what to do. The process of doing these copies is a slow one, and in one week I would be pressed to copy the whole painting. (The amount of time it takes to do one of these it makes me appreciate the time and energies that went into the originals.)Because of the time constraint, I decided to focus on getting the figure accurate. I didn't worry about the background, nor was I worried about matching the value exactly. I wanted to get the figure drawn accurately and the value to relate well. Those were my goals.
The original is called La Source by Jean Auguste Ingres. To see an image of this painting or for more on him go to
Both drawings shown today are 18 x 24 inches and in charcoal.

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