Thursday, September 18, 2008

Very Happy with What I Have Learned

Today was the first time in my figure drawing class that I was able to get more than the construction lines down (I draw very slowly) I was very pleased that I got that far. Still, its not a finished drawing as I just started to work on value the last half hour of class.

What I am really pleased with is how it turned out. I really felt like I was spending my money wisely at the academy today. I have seen a very dramatic change in my drawings. I am learning and finally seeing the results I have been trying to achieve in my drawing. Hopefully I will be able to do this in my painting this semester as well. A very exciting day to say the least!



Sola said...

Very nice Ross! I am really liking the soft transitions and how you handled the shadow side. It looks effortless :)

My Full Hands said...

Congrats! It always feels so good when you can tell you are making progress! Looks like you are back in the swing of school again.