Sunday, October 19, 2008

A new Drawing

This is another copy of a black and white photo from the early Hollywood era. This was the one I wanted to do over the Judy drawing I did previously. I just could find a photograph with good enough resolution, this time I did. Don't get me wrong I like that other one too, it just wasn't my first pick.

This time I did things a little different. Instead of copying the image exactly I tried playing around a little to create a little more dramatic image. Because I had somewhat of a limited range on this due to the nature of the assignment I didn't adjust it too much. The main thing I did was widen the value range. I lowered the deepest values and raised the highest ones and tried to relate everything in between.

If you look at the original photograph you will see a hand at the lower right. I thought it was distracting so I removed it from the picture. It looked strange, almost like it belonged to someone else.

Other than that I tried to remain faithful to the photograph, as the assignment required.



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