Monday, October 13, 2008

Todays Work

Today I did two paintings, one for class and another during workshop. The painting to your left is the one I did during the workshop. It is a small one, only 5 x 7 inches. I only wanted to do a portrait in the workshop. This was mainly because I was trying something in my in-class painting today that I wanted to continue to work on and I didn't want to have to think about the whole figure while trying what I wanted to do. I was working on my color. The painting looks a little weird but it was an experiment to see what ways I could push things around a bit.

To the right is my expressive painting class painting. This one is a little larger at 18 x 24 inches. The class assignment was to focus on texture and that is why the panel has lumps and swirls of thick gesso on it. I did try to keep to the assignment, but mainly I was working on my color today. This time I was really just trying to make it up in an orderly way, rather than paint what I see. That is, I was ignoring the color I saw. It was a very warm light with a yellowish hue. I didn't want to paint that, I wanted to try to do something with cool light, as if it were natural light. This is what I came up with. Not really natural, I was trying to develop something that related, light side to dark side, local color desaturated light, etc. I was also working on working thicker with my paint. I did not achieve what I wanted, so I worked on it some more with my study later in the day.


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