Friday, November 7, 2008

One Painting and Three Drawings

The first one I want to talk about is the painting I did for the homework assignment for my figure painting class. It is not as complete as I wanted it to be when I turned it in, but it is about 90% there. I like this painting. It is turning out to be much better than I expected.

The feedback I received from my instructor was that I needed to work on my edge control. Specifically the edge of the right side of the body does not have enough variance in the hard and soft edges to help create form. Doing this would give a better sense of form and depth as it would create the sense of the form turning. I also need to add more structure to certain parts, such as the feet, not more detail but be more accurate with the structure. The structure would make the painting look more complete. I was also advised to keep the detail to a minimum the further away from the focal point. This gives the focal point a stronger sense of detail.

The other thing I want to work on is the face. The people I've asked about this say it doesn't bother them so it may be less of a concern than I think but I want to correct a few things to make me feel better about it. I feel it looks a little sloppy and I want to clean it up a little.

This next one is the charcoal drawing in figure studio class. It is not a finished drawing, I haven't completed one yet in that class. This is fine because I am learning and that is much more important than completing a drawing. I like the torso in this one, which is the most complete part of the figure. My instructor remarked that I had done a good job on this part. The feed back was that I had drawing the leg to long, He pointed that out a point where I could correct it. Over all I am pleased with the drawing and think it would be nice to work on this for a few days rather than just one.
This next one is the homework assignment for that same class. This is a copy of Rembrandt's Bathing Bathsheba. I have had this one critiqued yet as it is not due until next week. I finished Wednesday think it was due. So I will turn it in next week and I will tell you what feedback I get on it.


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