Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Figure Painting Wrap Up

I have been planning on doing this a couple of days ago, but I have been sick and have not had a chance to go to the studio to photograph the final work in the class and bring home my notes.

The criticism and feedback I received can be broken down into two or areas, skill development and direction to take my art.

One of the areas I still am working on is the drawing of the painting. The instructor feels that I still need to work on proportion and value. I can see that I struggle with this in my paintings. I do not seem to have the same issues in my drawing. So I see this as a struggle with understanding the medium, rather than understanding the principles I need to apply. He suggests that I do gesture drawings everyday to train my hand, that way I won't have to rely so heavily on measuring.

An area I struggle with is modeling the form, he say that sometimes I model it correctly and but other times I over simplify it In the painting above he pointed out where I had correctly turned the form, then he showed me where I was off. This is something I continually struggle with. I am going to work on copying some drawings from a book of Russian drawings to help me resolve this. I think I might even paint studies of them after I draw them to try to translate what I learned into paint.

The other area we talked about was the direction I want to go this my figurative art. I told him I was interested in breaking away from limited color and emphasize that more in my work. He thinks that I should move any from glazing and work more directly. (I have been using the more classical technique of glazing in the color later in the painting. I don't do a grisaille, but I start using three colors to model the forms. I then add the color using various glazes.)

My instructor tells me that it is a value versus color issue. Both are important but the artist can not emphasize both. Focusing on one means I won't be able to focus on the other as much. I will be to decide at what levels I want to focus on each and what is important for my message.

I like his idea about what value is and what color is. Value is the logical aspect of painting, it can be broken down into rules and principles, where as color is the expressive side of painting based more on person emotion and experience.

The two paintings shown here are the final homework assignment and the final in class assignment. I am some what pleased with the homework,( girl leaning and holding her hair back) The figure is rather stiff, and has a somewhat unfinished feel. Here I think more preparation before the final painting would help me tremendously. I think I also became to wrapped up in the smaller forms I didn't pay attention to the larger ones.

I am not as pleased with the in class painting. I know I could have done much better. This is a case where it would have been better just to start over rather than trying to fix it. I spent most of my time correcting problems and making new ones.


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