Monday, December 22, 2008

Figure Studio Wrap Up

I have finished all four of the figure studio drawings. I felt that this was a difficult assignment to do as there was much to get done in a very short amount of time.

The assignment was to do two drawings each copying a Pruh'don figure drawing, one male reference and one female. One drawing was to simply draw the underlying structure of the figure. The other was to do a full rendering of the drawing. The purpose of this is to help us see how the artist saw and understood the figure to improve how I see and understand the figure. This works, as I have dramatically improved in my technical abilities over the last few months.

Though I am somewhat satisfied with how the drawings turned out, over all it is not my best work. I felt I had to rush through it and by the end I was tired and didn't put my best effort in. This refers to the last of the four drawings mostly. I spent about half the time I would usually spend on a drawing and it looks simplified because of it. Still, I believe this process has helped me learn a great deal so I happy with this as a learning exercise.

The instructor met with me at the end of semester to discuss my progress and the work in my class. Overall he was very pleased with what I have been doing in the class so we didn't discuss any particular work to critique. Instead we discussed my painting and how I could improve in that arena. Mostly that I need to spend more time on the preparation of my paintings before I start the actual painting. I need to start doing studies of my work and build up to a fully rendered study and use that to paint from when I do the final painting. This will eliminate most of the problems in the work before I start it.

Below are a few of the final in class drawings. As you can I never really finish one in class.

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