Friday, December 12, 2008

Paintings done and in progress

This a busy time of year for me. The final weeks of the semester are fast approaching. This means I have plenty to do. What I am showing here are a couple of the in progress paintings and a few expressive painting class paintings.

This first one is the final homework assignment in figure painting class. It is larger than I have worked on paintings this semester. I had decided to keep my paintings smaller this semester because of the volume of work I had expected at the beginning of the semester. I wanted to keep my workload manageable. However my instructor requested that I work larger so here it is. It is about 36 inches tall. I noticed that the size of it isn't really affecting my working pace. I did notice that I have to refine the detail of focal point much more just because it is larger.

I haven't worked on the legs much. This is because I changed the position of the legs from my reference photographs and decided to make them up. I changed the position because the way they were did not work for what I am trying to convey. I thought I would make them up rather then re-shoot new reference because I thought it would be a good challenge for me. I am now going to re-shoot reference. To get the level of precision I want,I am not ready to construct from nothing.

Over to the right you will see the final painting done in class. Like the one above it is in progress (I have worked on it quite a bit since this photograph) It is a five day painting. I am struggling with this one and I am not sure why. There are some days were I can't seem to do what I know I know how to do. I have had proportion issues. I had to redraw the shoulders and arm a couple of times before I was satisfied with it. The next concern is creating the atmosphere. I am trying to create an exaggerated sense of space. In order to do this I am exaggerating the values, I am exaggerating them in weird ways (not intentionally). I have lowered the overall value of the painting. The color is something I want to work on to. It leans way to yellow right now.

These next painting are from my expressive painting class. The one to your right is one of two I did last Monday. This last Monday was the last day to paint in class. I decided that I wouldn't worry to much on the last day. So I decided to play more with the painting. In this one I decided to include an environment and leave that environment somewhat mysterious. I am pleased with this one.

This next one is a painting I did in that same class. I started it because I got to a point where I liked my first on an decided to stop. I just did a figure study using the method I used in the first one, that is abstract the planes of the figure enough to break up the shapes but keep it tight enough that I am still painting a figure. I was focusing on playing around with the color. I still struggle with that red/green palette I paint in and I thought it would be good to play a little here. I am pleased with this one too. I like the figure in this one better than the one above.

This last one is the painting done two weeks ago in that class. It is the only clothed figure painting I have done in this class. It was a challenge to figure out what to do to make an interesting painting. I decided to make the face and hand the focal point of the painting and let the rest dissolve into paint as it moved away from that.
I think it is successful in that. The color was tricky and frankly I didn't know what to do about it. The models were wearing gray shirts with blue denim pants. This is what I came up with, even though I was attempting to be more expressive with the color. I basically switched the gray to green.



My Full Hands said...

Looks blike you are keeping busy. I like the new look of your blog.

Anonymous said...

i gotta tell ya, the whole getting the color palette thing right blows my mind. is it hard to go from nudes to clothed figures? you did great. you are one busy guy. p.s. i love the new header

Ross said...

To move from nude to clothed figures, in some ways can be easier. Since clothing is flowing I can paint it much losser. But it does have its own problems, like the different ways fabric can fold.