Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on the work

I haven't said much recently about what I have been doing. This last week I was visiting family for the thanksgiving holiday and I didn't write anything about what I have been doing. That means I have two weeks of work to talk about.

The first one is the drawing I did before the break. It is a back view again. This is the second one I have done in this class. I was very excited when the instructor set up the pose. I like doing them because they are challenging and make for good drawings. The back is challenging for me because the landmarks I have learned to use to establish reference points are on the front of the figure. Examples of this would be facial features, the pit of the neck, and the naval. Since I don't see those on a back view I have to establish new reference points and estimate where the ones I like to reference are.

Right now I am working on two things in my drawing. I am still working on getting the structure correct. I am slow when it comes to doing this and always feel a little rushed by the time constraint (the class is only 6 hours long) I have been trying to identify the planes I see in the form and I also want to identify the anatomy the body as well. Doing the back is good for both of these, as I am not as familiar with the back. Things are are fairly simplified and there are a couple of errors, such as the area near the PSIS. Still I am satisfied with the technique I am developing here.

When it comes to my drawing I am aiming to do something at the quality of the Russian school drawings I see in the books at school. For me I have to develop each plane slowly and working large planes to small planes is the only way I can do it. )I watch some people do do everything at once and I get jealous.)

The instructor pointed out to me that I was reading the values wrong on this one. He reminded me to squint to evaluate the large value patterns, then go into the detail.

I have been working on the final in class painting in figure painting. I have resolved some of the issues I was dealing with in the last two sessions. I think I have all the proportional issues worked out. Last week the instructor pointed out to me that the head of the figure was to big and the torso looked to narrow. So, the first thing I did was check my proportions the next class. He said they looked much better after I worked on them so I moved onto new things. For the last class I decided to work on proportion and structure. So after the proportion I started on getting the planes of the form laid out correctly.

The instructor advised us to work on specific parts today and not bounce around to much. He felt working on many different areas is good in the beginning but at this stage we should be focusing in more. So I thought I would work on the head hands and feet. The only reason I chose this was because these are the areas I usually put off until the end. I thought I would challenge myself a little and do those first. (I will post an image latter)

In expressive painting I did another two figure painting. At first I was not very interested in doing the painting because the models were fully dressed and one model I have painted many times before. The instructor advised me to play with the color of the clothes and not to worry about the detail of the clothing either. He advised me to decide on the focal points and be much more loose with the rest of it. This made it much more interesting to paint. I decided the face and the hand of the figure in the back would be the focal points. The rest of that figure and the other figure would break up into more simplified planes. So far so good. I think I will work on this one some more and use this one for the final review. (I will add the image later)

The nxt week in figure studio I worked on a drawing where the model was sitting directly facing me. She had her hands interlaced in her lap. This made for a particularly difficult setup. I wanted to make sure I had my construction set up correctly. The way I have learned to do this is by drawing the torso and legs first then the arms will fall into place. If done accuractly then the arms will line up right and the hands will clasp together propperly. If done in correctly there will be problems. This time I think I had problems. I had to shorten the forearms just a hair to get the hands to come together right. This was extremely annoying to me because I knew from the begining that the hands would only work if I drew the proportions of the torso right. Somewhre I was off. It looks ok, but I know I had to shorten then arms so it bugs me. I worked on the value a bit but I really didnt get much time hear as I struggled so much with the construction and I took more time than usual to work it out. ( I will add the image later)


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