Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Second Week

I have been working on a few projects this last week, I have been doing a couple of drawings and preparing for a painting. I also when in to the workshops to paint form life as well.

This semester I decided to work on developing my design skills. Like I have mentioned before I haven't really focused all that much on this. Usually I work directly from a life or a photograph with out planning anything out on the painting. This has created some problems for me while painting. I am now working with an instructor to develop this, so far so good.

Right now I have been doing some preparatory sketches for a back view of a female figure. I didn't really know where to begin. I started by selecting a photo I liked. Then I did some thumbnail sketches to work out some value patterns. I did this for two reason, one to see if the reference could work, and two if it did work then I could brainstorm ideas of what I want to try.

After which, I did a couple of larger sketches to work out a little detail in he value pattern. Here I was contemplating whether or not to do a high-key or mid-key painting. I chose mid-key, that way I could place the focal point in the light area of the body.

After doing these sketches, it was suggested that I work out the value pattern without any line. These is because, the line will separated the values that are close and if I don't plan on using line there I would be giving myself a false sense of separation. It would show up in the final painting, and there would be a problem.

Here you see the final value pattern sketch I did to remove the line. This is basically three values, I am trying to keep it simple at this stage. I am looking to create movement from the upper shoulder down the back towards the feet. The feedback I received on this was that the value was a little confusing, because of the heavy shape that is the lower arm. I will probably will lighten that are up.

I also thought I would try out designing based on the golden ratio. Here is the overlay of that on my value study. I tried to place shapes in a way to connected to important points within the rectangle. This is new to me so it is fairly simplified, but it was interesting to try. I do not really know what to say about this now except I plan on working with this some more.

Next I did a couple of color sketches. I like the color of the second one better. Though I think I will change the temperature of the body to something warmer, so that there is a little more contrast between the body and the background. The next step will be to do some more detailed color sketches.

I worked on two drawings this week. In both I only worked on building the under lining structure of each. I will finish them up next week.

This one is is another Pruh'don copy. This is the first homework assignment for the class. It is good to do this kind of exercise. I am able to construct more each time I do these.

That is why I am pleased with this second drawing. It is the life drawing from that same class. This time I am able to work on the drawing for two session, rather than just one. I am excited about this as I will be able to finally complete a drawing. There are a couple of mistakes in this one, but they are easy to fix. I think they stem from the fact that I tried to adjust the figure in my drawing so that the pose wasn't so stiff. That is one obstacle to overcome painting from life as the models have to sit in positions they can hold for long periods of time. This means they are more stiff than they would naturally sit. I will correct them before I add value.

Finally, here are the two painting I did at the workshops. The first one was just warm up. I hadn't painted from a live model for over a month so it was good practice. The second on I worked on color temperature, to get rid of a bad habit of painting all shadows the same color.


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