Sunday, March 29, 2009

It has been awhile

It has been awhile since I have commented here. Sorry about that. I have been busy then I got sick. I went in worked on some stuff last week, but I didn't take any pictures of it or of the stuff I did before the wedding. I will get stuff up sometime next weekend.

Sorry about the delay.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I know what I am doing and sometimes I don't. This week I felt like I was seeing in my work some successful elements surrounded what I have been normally doing.

One of my instructors was talking about that when considering what direction I want to take I should consider where I am at now. It was a very interesting discussion. He created four categories of what is important to artists; object, artist, canvas, and viewer. Object being what is seen is where the beauty lies, realism. Artist is where the ideas of the artist are forefront in the work. Canvas is were the painting itself is a big part of the process, inclusion of accidental marks is important here. An example is Jackson Pollock. The viewer category is all about context, Duchamp's ready mades was his example. He said that all artists fall somewhere on this spectrum. he asked where I fall in this. After thinking about it I said I think I lean more towards the canvas side of the spectrum. He disagreed, he felt that I fell more firmly in the object area.

This was not a surprise to me in that most of my work at this school is about painting what I see. My answer includes my work before this school, where I was mostly interested in what happened on my canvas as I attempted to create interesting color field paintings. This is telling to me. I am not where I want to be right now. I have let what is important to others overtake what is important to me. This seems to me to be an easy thing to allow to happen, as a student I am always taking in feedback from others. It then becomes a simple matter of loosing what my way.

Right now I am trying to find my way. I have learned more then I thought possible over the last couple of years and my technical skills have grown so much. I just now need to use what I have learned for my own artistic intentions.

I know what I want do, I just need to find the right way to do it.


Below are some paintings and drawings that I did this week. The first two are small studies, painted from life.

My intentions on the first one were to create a composition focusing on the movement created by the shape of the body. The reclining pose makes for great movement as it is a horizontal read and I can play against that.

This next one was just a quick study, again from life. The pose of model was set up by someone else. I was immediately struck by the opposing force of direction created by the sash around her waste against the torso. I set up a composition to emphasize this fact. It is a simple composition as everything basically follows one of two paths, somewhat perpendicular to each other.

The next one is a portrait study where I was just experimenting with my color. I kept my colors limited but tried to make the color as expressive as I could.

This is the very beginning of the one I had shown the sketches for last week. I am trying to stick with my original concept and ideas as best I can while allowing enough freedom to accept accidents and changes that work within my intent.

Then there are the drawings. Here is the almost complete Rembrandt copy. It is almost done, a few corrections here and there and a softening of the jacket and back ground and it is done.

This is the construction from class, I'll show you the final version later.

This week I worked on the lower legs of this reclining one again. I changed the temperature of the legs to match the rest of the body.

This last one is a painting based off of one the drawings I did in my figure class. It was an interesting exercise and I was really focused on anything beyond translating a drawing into a painting.