Saturday, April 4, 2009


I will start with my drawings this week. To the left is my most recent in class drawing. What I am working on right now is still the same thing as the last drawing. Now that I am understanding the human form more, I now trying to make more complete and expressive drawings.

I think too I need to include more environmental elements into the drawings to create a space for the figure to sit. These are academic drawings about the human form so not much is needed but I feel my past drawings had figures just floating on a blank page. I do like the drawings better with the inclusion of the representation of space beyond the figure.

This seems to be an area where I can include more expressive elements to the drawing. I like this as my drawings look less sterile.

The feedback I received on this drawing was to fix the value on the shoulder to connect it to the back and I did well on the feet.

This is the prior in class drawing. You can compare the two to see the direction I am going.

One thing that the instructor has added to the class in the last couple of weeks is the discussion of inspiration in your work. (This is new and it actually surprises me a bit as it is almost a 180 degree turn around in the discussion) The discussion reminds me that I need to find my reasons for doing my work and not do work I think other want to see. That is hard to do when taking art classes because of the feedback given to you. I just have to remember that now its just advice and the success of that advice relies on me doing two things.

One I need to communicate my intentions better. By this I mean be able to talk about what I want to achieve in my work. The other is to use the advice to achieve my goals and not just do something because some one tells me to change something.

Now the paintings. I am still working through what I want to do. I am very interested in painting the human form and I am interested in it from the point of view that the figure is perceived not just an static object. It come loaded with environmental, emotional, and social context. I don't want to tackle all the possible perceptual context but I am interested in tackling the idea of the perception of the figure and not just as an object of beauty or appreciation. I am also finding my interests in paint creeping back into my work. I see this as me moving away from the goals of my class and finding my own interest moving to the forefront.

These paintings are a reflection of that. I am working on finding way to use the paint to explore perception and disrupt the figure to play with the idea concept of viewing the figure. I don't view these as successful paintings yet. I still am wrapped up in painting form according to the rules of realistic painting. These are the more attempts in deciding what I need to do to achieve my goals. I think the second of the two is more successful than the first.

The feedback in these two paintings followed the idea of expressing my intent better within the work. These works are stuck in a in-between of intentions, like I can't decide what to do can keep changing as I paint. I need to create a more clear focal point in the works. The high key painting needs to move the focus back to the shadow side and play down the light side.

These paintings are also a continuation of the experiment of a new color palette. I like it. I will continue to use it. I do think I will bring back a cad red as well but that will be the only addition to my core colors. The painting to the left is my first attempt in this color palette.

Some studies done in directed study class this week. My instructor wanted us to spend the time considering compositions rather than trying to do a complete painting. This is my work. The studies at the bottom were more successful

This was last week's inclass painting. I just did as portrait were I focused in form and color.

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