Saturday, April 18, 2009

New stuff

Today I want to start with something different. As many of you know I don't do many landscapes. That is mainly because I don't enjoy doing them all that much. It's hard to explain why, I enjoy the subject, I enjoy the challenges found in painting landscapes. I don't enjoy painting them as much as I do my figurative work.

This week I thought I needed to do a landscape, mostly to practice painting, also to see what I could do. This scene is from the top of Mt Tamalpais looking down. It is not painted on location, it has been a while since I have done that. I enjoyed painting it for about an hour, then I started losing interest. Still it was a good exercise and I think I will do it again, just to see what happens.

To the right is my workshop painting form Thursday. The idea for this one was to make the primary focus the feet and obscure the rest of the figure. Here I am testing out paint application ideas for my thesis project. In these other paintings I am exaggerating certain things to develop ideas about perception of form. One of them is playing with and exaggerating hard and soft edges.

Below are color studies for my next painting. I received some ideas from my group directed study on these studies. Everybody liked and disliked different studies for different reasons. Mostly the red shadow area can be problematic. it reminds people too much of blood and makes the painting creepy. My advisor says that is it common for his galleries to tell him not to use strong reds because of that. I like the red so I have to decide whether its important to include or not.

This painting really has much more do to with the compositional arrangements rather than the figure as a subject of the painting. Arrangement of the values seem fine but I need to adjust the color temperature to both suggest a light source and create visual movement.

This painting is coming along slowly as I experiment with a medium that has slowed down the drying of the under painting. This week I reworked the knees a little and stopped to let it dry. Here again the group felt the red is to red against the blues, but I am not too worried as it just at the underpainting stage and more color will help dilute the strength of that red. Here you can see some of the edges are pushed to emphasize perception. I am trying to find a balance between the actual structure of the form and the visual construction of the image we get when looking at form.

I worked on this one some more. I am done with it for a while. Mostly because I am not sure what to do with it just yet. This was one of my first trying out my new ideas so its a little muddled and confused, so it needs some work but I haven't figured out where to take yet. So it will sit for a while.

Drawings from the figure studio class. The first is from life. The second is a Pruh'don copy.


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