Saturday, June 27, 2009

14 Things

This week has been a busy week. I am feeling the pressure that inevitably comes the closer one gets to the final review. I still feel like I am at the beginning stages of figuring things out, which I must admit is a rather annoying feeling this far along into the program.
I do think that things are beginning to take shape. I discovered two things that were causing problems in my work.
The first was the over all value range is way too narrow. This makes my painting look muddy and gray. I had been so focused on getting my color to be a balanced subtle scheme that I missed the fact that I wasn't taking advantage of the full value range. I was working between a ten and about a 6, putting my high in the area of middle tone. Pushing the value range did two things, gave shape to the figure and allowed the color to be read much easier.
The other problem is that I am still to timid with taking risks in my work. You know how it goes, I like parts of my work and am afraid I might ruin it, so I don't take any chances. It really just a confidence thing really. I am getting better at not worrying so much about it, as I feel I can get my painting back to where I had it. If worse comes to worse I can always wipe it clean. I have been forcing myself do different things just to see what they do.
About these paintings
I realized also that I get better results in the shadow if I really vary the color, using compliments to get that vibration that occurs by contrasting the two. The reds look so much warmer doing this.
I have been working on the transitions between light and shadow, rendered and abstracted form, and subject and background.
I have been shifting these paintings away from my natural red/green pallet and realized I am moving too far towards an orange/blue.

I am still working out how much form must be rendered against the abstractions and still read as a figure. Too little the rendered points float and do not connect, too much and I loose the energy of the piece.
These are the paintings I worked on this week. Started four new ones, continued to develop the existing ones, and worked on some studies. I didn't work on the larger ones this week because I wanted to work out some problems using the smaller paintings and I wanted to get some paintings finished.
The study for a thesis painting is the one of the figure with the red hair sitting on the arm of a sofa. I may work on that painting some more. The other studies and more just practice. I have been working on rending the form and these are my practice. The other thing I have been doing is someone gave away and bunch of portraits done in gray scale from an old class. I have been practicing my color, by adding color to them.
I did go to the workshop to draw from life, this is just to practice and keep my drawing skills sharpened.
That is it,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A couple of thoughts

I have no images of my work to post today as I thought yesterday was Thursday so I didn't bring my camera to my studio.

I worked on those paintings I posted last week, plus some reworking of and older painting. I received feedback that I should reconsider how red I make my shadows. I should use the red more sparingly as it is too much of a split in the color pattern. I would agree with this.

My goal is to push certain aspects of perception to extremes and here I am pushing warm shadows and cool light to get an exaggerated effect. I start with very red shadows and paint the light side in black and white, making it look very blue. This creates a distinct separation between light and shadow. Later, I work color into the light side, helping to balance this better. However, I think I need to do something to connect the two together better, while still highlighting that separation. I know part of the problem is the transition between the two sides. Right now that transition is too similar along the shared border. I, also, think I need to vary the temperature in the shadows better.

At the same time I am working out the abstraction of the figures to relate to the idea of exaggerating the effects of perception. Here I find that exaggerating the edges seem to be extremely important and here is where I am running into some problems. Up until recently I have been relying on just a couple of techniques to express exaggerated edges. I have been trying out some new ideas (again to create more variety) and I am find some techniques work well in certain situations but fail in others. Masking works well for forms completely in shadow, the scratched in edges seem to work for large masses.

I have a couple other things I am worried about as well regarding the figures I use in my paintings. I think I am limiting myself to much by using just the female form, which may express a message I don't necessarily intend. I am also placing the models in vary traditional poses and I think this may run counter to what I am saying about perception. I limit myself to only one view point. I think I am going to add some variety to the types of figures and poses when I start some new paintings.

Lastly, I have been experimenting and praticing using that limited pallet I was shown a while back. I like it, I keep wanting to add other colors because it is easier to mix to the color I want. But I have resisted that and like the results. Keeping to those three colors and white helps me avoid the mud and as I pratice I am finding it easier to mix to the color I want. Of course there is still some limitations but I like the results and been having fun with it.


Friday, June 12, 2009

I worked some more on this one this week. This time I thought I would refine the form on the foot and leg and develop a better sense of space around the leg.

These are all paintings I started this week. Except for the first one they are all 11 x 14 inches. The first is a about 24 x 30 something inches. I am working out how I begin a painting, and I am going with. I will be working on the color next. I have started on the color on the last two.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today A

Gessoed a bunch of panels, painted a study of a nose.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today 1

Todays work.

Last Weekend

I had been meaning to go to the William Kentridge exhibit at the SF MOMA and I realized I the exhibit was ending soon so last Saturday Shannon and I went.

Last week seemed to be the case of catching up on the things I have been wanting to do. There were a couple of artists showing work here that I wanted to see before their shows closed.

The first was Jacob Collins at the John Pence Gallery. I wanted to see his work in person because I have seen so much of it online or in print. I was excited to see it.

The other was Kim Frohsin at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery.

I enjoyed it all.