Saturday, June 20, 2009

A couple of thoughts

I have no images of my work to post today as I thought yesterday was Thursday so I didn't bring my camera to my studio.

I worked on those paintings I posted last week, plus some reworking of and older painting. I received feedback that I should reconsider how red I make my shadows. I should use the red more sparingly as it is too much of a split in the color pattern. I would agree with this.

My goal is to push certain aspects of perception to extremes and here I am pushing warm shadows and cool light to get an exaggerated effect. I start with very red shadows and paint the light side in black and white, making it look very blue. This creates a distinct separation between light and shadow. Later, I work color into the light side, helping to balance this better. However, I think I need to do something to connect the two together better, while still highlighting that separation. I know part of the problem is the transition between the two sides. Right now that transition is too similar along the shared border. I, also, think I need to vary the temperature in the shadows better.

At the same time I am working out the abstraction of the figures to relate to the idea of exaggerating the effects of perception. Here I find that exaggerating the edges seem to be extremely important and here is where I am running into some problems. Up until recently I have been relying on just a couple of techniques to express exaggerated edges. I have been trying out some new ideas (again to create more variety) and I am find some techniques work well in certain situations but fail in others. Masking works well for forms completely in shadow, the scratched in edges seem to work for large masses.

I have a couple other things I am worried about as well regarding the figures I use in my paintings. I think I am limiting myself to much by using just the female form, which may express a message I don't necessarily intend. I am also placing the models in vary traditional poses and I think this may run counter to what I am saying about perception. I limit myself to only one view point. I think I am going to add some variety to the types of figures and poses when I start some new paintings.

Lastly, I have been experimenting and praticing using that limited pallet I was shown a while back. I like it, I keep wanting to add other colors because it is easier to mix to the color I want. But I have resisted that and like the results. Keeping to those three colors and white helps me avoid the mud and as I pratice I am finding it easier to mix to the color I want. Of course there is still some limitations but I like the results and been having fun with it.


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