Sunday, July 5, 2009

Time seems to go by so quickly and I feel like there is too much to do and so much to try, that I am not able to get everything I want to do done. I am still pushing towards painting more personal work that is less about the demands of school. This is tricky as I want to incorporate what I am learning here, yet not give up too much of what motivates me to paint.

In this effort I am looking for some new ideas to inform my work. I realized that I have been focusing heavily on the physical aspects of perception, the sense of space and the figures involvement within it. My techniques and my paintings have evolved out of that. Recently I have been working in my old methods, I have been reacting to what happens in my work, and allowing that to influence my decisions and direction I may go with a painting. I am recognizing that much of the strengths of my work is the emotional impact the paintings can have and I need to work in ways that allow the emotional elements to grow.

I haven’t reached a end point of sorts with the physical aspects and I am still very much interested in this. I still want to consider this more and I want to distort of the figure more. The sense of movement is one area where the distortion may be used to help explain. But I need to consider the emotional and psychological sides of painting as well. Here I am looking at how paint application can affect this. I am looking at layering, texture and color for this.

Layering can deal with many things. Physically, layering can push the sense of space, with the overlapping paint on top of itself. Layering can be used to build up of the structure over time. This helps explain structure without hiding the process of painting to just create the illusion of form. Layering is a good device to destroy that same structure, bury to obscure form to create different reactions to the figure, tangling form, trapping the figure underneath.

I like is the idea of the build up of shapes and form over time. Shape and form that grows out of the process of covering up and building on top of older forms allows for new form to develop without hiding the nature of its creation. I am not sure how to really describe it, but it is interesting idea. It is almost like coherent whole comes out of seemingly random elements constantly building on and burying each other.

I have learned that subtle color makes for a more intriguing composition as the color doesn’t just jump out at you. It requires the viewer to really examine what they are seeing. I think I will continue to keep the color more closely knitted together.

I have been painting most of my works in a very low key value range. As I mentioned last week, I have been working to adjust my value to allow for a more readily seen composition and frees up the color to do its own thing. As I work on this, I think its important for me remember that the low key range brings a sense of mystery and requires the viewer to come closer to it to examine it. That is something I want to happen.

This week I finished up a few of the ones I had been working on over the last few weeks, worked on the three I started last week, and started three more.


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